Liability Driven Investing (LDI)


For pensions, endowments, charities, and other investors whose primary investment objective is the funding of current and long-term liabilities, JB Investment Management’s Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) strategies offer an efficient solution for such risk-based fund management.

JB Investment Management’s LDI approach is a highly customized solution focused solely on each client’s unique funding requirements. Our portfolio management team conducts an in-depth analysis of the underlying liabilities and creates a portfolio optimized for each client’s needs.

As with our other Fixed Income Strategies, JBIM’s mandate is to leverage the best available technologies with our proprietary quantitative models to ensure that each client’s portfolio achieves its investment objective: an effective, optimal, and consistent funding of their liabilities.

As part of the customization process, the portfolio managers evaluate different LDI strategies before determining the best fit. Strategies include:

  • Immunized Portfolios
  • Dedicated Portfolios
  • Multi-Strategy Structures, and
  • Various Customized Portfolio Structures


Because continuity in the asset/liability match must remain consistent, we continually evaluate opportunities to re-structure the portfolio to increase yield and reduce cost of funding.


In addition to our LDI product, JB Investment Management also offers the following strategies:


For more information on JB Investment Management’s LDI strategy, please contact us.